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Tai Chi Based Exercise Training

Alison has developed Tai Chi Based Exercise training for staff in special schools, and people  working with the elderly, and adults with physical disabilities or learning difficulties.


Participants gain skills, tools and confidence to offer Tai Chi Based Exercise sessions in their setting, learning: how to support and inspire people to take part safely in gentle exercise which can help maintain and improve their general health and mobility; some basic principles of Tai Chi; simple movement sequences; and ways to create a peaceful atmosphere for the sessions.


Alison has run many classes for students in special schools across a full range of abilities.


She works with school staff to develop and implement suitable assessment and evaluation for individual students and classes.




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- Tai Chi Based Exercise training for staff

Tai Chi for Special Schools

The fact that the course was not rushed and that we had techniques reinforced throughout


Going through the warm up and form all together


Being able to talk through how to adapt moves to fit different environments


Learning the basics of Tai Chi and to be able to take it back to others after Day One



Special schools staff who took part in our training rated the course 9.5/10 for enjoyment, 9.4/10 for how much they learned and 9.6/10 for how useful the course was.


Participants liked......

Seeing the elderly people showing us their tai chi.  Making everyday movements Tai Chi


Learning about correct stance and positioning, having a whole day of structured activity