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Short Form

Angus Clark (2002) Illustrated Elements of Tai Chi includes excellent illustrations and description of the Cheng Man-ch'ing Short Form including Dr Chi Chiang Tao's variations. Also includes history and background to Tai Chi.  Element Books.


Angus Clark (2001) The Complete Illustrated Guide to Tai Chi The earlier, larger format, edition of Illustrated Elements which may be available second hand.


Tai Chi with Angus Clark (2011) Excellent DVD from Angus with very clear explanations of Cheng Man-ch'ing Short Form and Dr Chi variations. Individual moves are shown in detail as well as whole form from the front, and player’s position to join in with. Recommended DVD for Short Form classes.  Contact us for copies £15 plus postage.

Recommended Resources

Sword Form

White Crane Qigong

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Petra and Toyo Kobayashi (2003)  Classical Tai Chi Sword A wonderful text book on Tai Chi Sword as taught by Dr Chi Chiang Tao. The very best visuals I have come across in a book to show a moving form. Also includes much valuable and useful information about Tai Chi Sword.

Angus Clark’s Secrets of Qigong gives a clear description of the White Crane Qigong set. Although out of print, you can usually find good quality second hand copies online.

Paul Lam Tai Chi for Arthritis DVD (12 lessons on two discs version)  Dr Lam’s Sun Style form for people with arthritis, with very clear step by step instructions. Dr Lam has also created Tai Chi forms for other conditions including diabetes. These and many other DVDs, audio CDs, books and articles can be seen at the Australian based site www.taichiproductions.com. Contact us for information about UK-based ordering from his trainers in the UK which may be better value than major shopping websites.

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